my x-files fanfic page
              my friend from school.  great fanfics, especially those in her 'vignettes' directory.  her site was the first one to archive my fanfics, so be nice to her.
dingdong's anime page
                                 another friend from school.  great anime images, edited with Adobe PS.  helped me w/ my site's design, so be nice with'em.
~ Sea's Land of X ~
                   you'll find fanfics, a spoilerville section, her favourite stories and authors of the x.

                    complete with pictures, sounds, fanfics, and awards.  if you're gonna visit this site, i suggest going to his pictures section where you'll find great images.

there are more X-files sites out there that i really, really admire but unfortunately, as much as i want to post their addies here, my homework and TV gets on the way, so please, be patient.  as soon as i'm done with highschool, then maybe, i get a chance to post some more *kid*.  if u'd like me to post your site here, then by all means, mail me

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legal note: x-files and its characters aren't mine.  they are owned by chris carter, 1013 production, and the fox network.  no infringement intended.