1. lodgers of corn (aka: welcomed)
        the fact that southpark does not have any hotels, mulder and scully are forced to sleep over in one of the resident houses.  troubles finds its way to them when the children in the house starts falling in  love to mulder and scully.  keep your pants on, 'coz it's a riot comin up! pg-13.  msr/ust/humour.  x-files/southpark.

2. basics (aka: die! Tea, die!)
        mr. goresin's class gets a surprise visit from the agents of the fbi.  mulder and scully's job are to teach the class the basic first-aid.  expectedly, all the boys in the class falls in love to the young female agent; and the girls to mulder.  msr/humour.  x-files/southpark.

3. laughing matter
        while off-duty, scully meets jarod, a mysterius man with no apparent past.  after an accident that brought them together, scully and jarod ends up being friends.  scully comes up with an idea as to how she could make mulder feel jealous.  jarod ultimately becomes a part of her plan as her boyfriend.  the plan is for the two of them to show up together at one of the bureau's banquets.  msr/humour.  x-files/the pretender.  sort of like that movie with julia roberts and the gay guy but in this, the girl ends up with the other guy.

4. what keeps us together
        set many years in the future, when mulder and scully are but an old couple with three kids who are all adults.  as a celebration of fox and dana's many years of anniversary, the family of mulder gets into a reunion.  msr/humour.  x-files/seinfeld (sort of).  

5. gen. 49:31 part I
        scully's plans for mulder's birthday gets canceled after a high-profiled terrorist's folder finds its way on mulder's desk.  meanwhile, fowley's file for a transfer is in process but she thinks that the reason of the delay is because of what she did (or didn't do) before the x-files was shut down a few months ago.  to make sure of her transfer, she asks skinner to help her.  skinner then assigns her with his other two agents to hunt bretton, the terrorist.  the four fbi agents then travel to decatur, Tennessee where bretton is alledgedly hiding out.  g-13.  msr/ust.

6. gen. 49:31 part II
        mulder, scully, and fowley are assisted by another fbi agent, agent Hendrix of the Memphis Bureau to find Bretton.  for mulder, the situation has never been so substantiated.  he's having trouble dealing with his past and present.  tough job.  to top it all off, an argument between the past and the present breaks out and he is inevitably put in a very awkward position: chosing between the two.  pg-13.  msr/ust.

7. gen. 49:31 part III
        fowley follows a tip of an informer to a suspicious medical trial.  in the assumption that it has something to do with the cases they're working on.  afterwards, the four agents have to prevent a possible out-break of a deadly agent.  mulder hesitantly believes a traitor's words of promise.  the heart-breaking revelation leads him to keep secrets from his partner, and maintain a secret agenda about the suspect they've been searching for.  an agenda that is unknown to scully and one of the other two agents. pg-13.  msr/ust/noramo (as the story progresses).

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